Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh....The Places You'll Go!

It is truly a unique engineering program that understands that its graduates must not only be educated as engineering scholars...attention must also be paid to their development as well-rounded professionals, ready to make significant contributions to industry, their community, and their world.

On this trip, students were immersed for 10 days in a different culture.  They were able to see, up close, four modern and amazing pulp and paper manufacturing operations, including cloning technology for production of fast-growth eucalyptus trees.  They toured a university that had a paper program and was amazingly similar to NC State.  They saw and did things that they have never seen and done before.

So these young people are now different than before.  They are more aware of the global community.  They understand their own pulp and paper industry better, in the context of the global market.  They are better thinkers...better learners....and (we think) better engineers for having done this.

And that is EXACTLY the goal of the Paper International Experience!

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